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10 Easy & Budget Friendly Decorating Tips

Decorating 101 Tips Layout 

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Tip # 1

Planning & Layout – Where do I start when decorating a space?

The best way to find inspiration is by gathering photos of spaces you love from décor magazines, websites and by visiting showrooms to see varying materials for texture, colour and styles. Once you have a simple plan of what your expectations are, it's time to start finalizing costs, material and timing of work. Being better informed and organized makes will make it easier to create the room's mood and style and aid in décor decisions. When renovating focus on one room or area at a time. It is easier to stay focused when making décor decisions that can be overwhelming and to stay within your planned budget. You should also keep in mind the vision and inspiration you want for the room which will help you keep focused on the overall look and feel. 

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Eco Inspired - Repurpose, Recycle, Reclaim, Renew

Mirage Flooring Eco-Inspired   Green Texture Eco Inspired 


I love the fact that so many people and companies within the decor and building industry have become more eco-conscious, using recycled, re-purposed materials, reducing their carbon footprint and reducing harmful processing practices in manufacturing. Describing this rapid and necessary change as a "trend" within the industry is a misnomer however. Calling the shift in environmental awareness a trend would seem to indicate that it is public opinion that is leading the way and perhaps companies are doing this because it is the latest style and they can ultimately increase sales by marketing themselves as environment friendly.

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Hallway Organizing for Function & Decor

By having multi purpose storage solutions like this entryway hallway built in unit you can have a place for various items around your home that will make them more accessible and still look aesthetically pleasing. Your home will look less cluttered and be more organized says decorator Jackie Morra of Jackie Morra Interiors.

Use this built in idea for your mud room or hallway for seating when putting on your shoes, drawer storage that opens up for easy access to gloves, hats etc, storage of eveyday items for the entire family when heading out the door in any season.




Decorating 101 Tips

 Tropics Shutters 3

Less is more and if you don't love it live without it is Jackie Morra\s mantra for decor and life. De-clutter each area of your home to make rooms look more spacious and balanced, as it will provide a sense of order and calmness. 


Purchase quality items that you love and know you will have for a longer period of time such as furniture, rugs, and artwork. 


Accessories add a finishing touch to any room, which makes it feel like home. Cushions, candles, family photos and treasured pieces help create a unique style for each person. They are also less expensive and easier to change over time. 


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Window Coverings 101

Shade O Matic shutters 

Image of Shade O Matic Polysatin Seaview Shutters

Have you ever looked closely at your windows? We all look through them, but rarely at them and the statement they really can make in any space. Windows are a perfect opportunity to create a wonderful focal point while still being a practical necessity. Choosing the right coverings for any window can be simple once you take into consideration the room's function, the homeowner's needs, style & budget, and the overall décor tone and feel of the room.

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