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In reality, the fact that the world has become more in tune with the concept of being "green" is out of necessity. It has become more and more apparent that our natural resources are not infinite and that acceleration of extreme climate change is ever present. That means we, as a global community, are forced to make these changes whether "trendy" or otherwise out of inevitability rather than choice. I'm glad that thinking green is here to stay and that many individuals and industries are doing their part to champion the cause as it requires a collective effort for everyone to do their part.

Terms such as low VOCs, off-gases, CFCs, BPA free, and carcinogens have become common additions to our vocabulary within the last decade. Within the building industry a significant change has come in the processing side to reduce or eliminate potential environmental hazards and health risks produced during manufacturing. Probably one of the most industry changing affects has been on paint manufacturers to reformulate and create paints that are low in or have no VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Basically, chemicals with VOCs have a higher vapor pressure, so the molecules dissipate or evaporate into the air easily at room temperature so it enters the atmosphere and into our breathing air.

Many industries are re-evaluating their environmental position in terms of production materials, manufacturing processes, carbon footprint, and waste management as well as others for many different reasons. Whether the ultimate goal is an altruistic one or one for cost savings, good public relations, or a combination of, the fact is the end result is that it benefits the global community.

Although industries receive and accept high praise for becoming more eco-conscious, it has always been the grassroots initiatives that has sparked the most passion and creativity. One such example is, a free website dedicated to re-purposing leftover construction and renovation materials once destined for a landfill. An online classified that lists materials available to and from contractors and homeowners. Another example is the grants and bonuses provided for the growth and research of environmental protection through grassroots initiatives. This gives individuals the ability to utilize their ingenuity to devise more efficient and green friendly procedures through additional support.

We must begin to realize that the fight to protect the environment is not just a cause, but a reality that we all have to accept as inevitability and an obligation as this problem isn't going to be solved or go away. With a conscious effort, both individually and corporately, we can hope to decelerate the unavoidable depletion of our planet's greatest resources.

Eco Inspired is a continuation in design with stronger emphasis on recycle, reclaim and renew using dramatic textures, aged colour, imperfect and tactile finishes and the use of raw materials for overall comfortable responsible living.

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