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Window coverings which are the functional treatment for the window include blinds, shades, shutters and drapery which all have specific benefits and add visual presence to the look of a home. Usually, I would recommend a more neutral colour for blinds, shades and shutters because any quality product will be around for many years but our décor taste in colours, fabrics and accessories can change more frequently. The drapery and accessories can provide that punch of colour, added texture and style inspirations that will help with the finishing touch of the room. The way we dress our windows is comparable to how we dress ourselves, in that the blinds and shades are the under garments that are neutral and functional, and the drapery is the outerwear that is a truer reflection of your personal style. 

Here are some key things to consider in selecting window treatments: Function of the Space

The most important factor in the selection of the right product; it must fulfill your needs. For example, in most bathrooms the priority is privacy and moisture resistance, in a bedroom it maybe light blocking, or in a media room it could be reducing the sun's glare. There are solutions to every need, in a bathroom a great option would be a shutter or for a softer look a modern roller screen. For many areas light control is important with the different opacity options of the blinds or using a versatile blind like Shadow Magic from Shade O Matic that has different opacities all in one.

 Shadow Magic New Coloured Sheer  WebPhoto  Bathroom SOM Roma Blinds Web

Your Style 

This is how you can incorporate your own individuality to your windows, whether it is modern, contemporary, traditional or eclectic. There is a window covering that can work with any style or mood you are trying to create without sacrificing functionality. There are countless drapery fabrics with stunning textures and colours that compliment any décor. The style of drapery sets the tone through weight, colour, and type of panel or valance treatment. The drapery hardware and accessories add the glitter and glam, or added interest with eye-catching finials, in wood, metal or glass. Other embellishments such as decorative fringes or tie-backs for the drapery can be used for added detail.


Cost is also a key consideration for any purchase, fortunately there is a window covering for every budget. It is more important to have a quality item fits your needs than to base you purchase on price, only to have to replace them in a short time. Consider proper window treatments as an investment that can help protect flooring and furniture from UV damage, lower utility bills by increasing energy efficiency, and even increase the resale value of your home.Be sure ask about all options that are available with your coverings that could be of great benefit like motorized operation for hard to reach windows, cordless shades for those with small children and pets to prevent choking hazards, or customizing blind accessory colours to coordinate with other décor accessories in the space. Choose a quality product with a warranty, most reputable manufacturers offer a limited lifetime warranty.


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