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Think about the functionality of each room to meet the needs of your family, the mood you want to create such as cozy and warm, modern and simple and the style and colours that most inspires you.

If you want to create the biggest impact for the least amount of time and cost focus your energy on rooms that are used everyday by most of your family members or guest such as the kitchen, family room and bathrooms. These rooms are viewed and used at the beginning and end of each day so change will bring a sense of renewal and revitalization and will be significant. By implementing the following simple decorating ideas you can transform your home this spring to make what you have work best, in a new way.

De-Clutter and Organize

The first step in this home renewal process is to de-clutter each room in your home. Just as spring-cleaning can add a breath of fresh air, reevaluating the use and function of each item in a room will allow the space to be used and decorated in the best light.
De-cluttering will not only make a room look more spacious and balanced but will produce a sense of order and calmness. Less is more and if you don't love it live without it. This simple approach will help evaluate what to recycle, reuse or remove and will help to take the guesswork out of future purchases. Only buy new items that work with the décor and that make you feel good everyday.

Remove things that take up valuable space or create clutter, as this will only make your rooms feel overwhelmed and a lack of completeness. Shop around within your entire home to reuse items from one area to become a new inspiration or accessory in another area. By moving an armoire from the bedroom to the family room or a chest at the end of the bed to the foyer for storage and seating you create a new use and look. Items that no longer work in a space can be given to family or friends, resold to add more dollars to your décor budget or donated to help a local charity.

 Organize your bathroom cabinets, kitchen cupboards, drawers and entertainment units for ease of use and to create less visual clutter. Throw out old products, install an organizer system in each area or get a few storage containers and group similar items in each and label.


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