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The paint colours again took their cues from nature with subtle sky blues and deep earthy browns for colour blocking three walls in the bedroom instead of one wall. By using the colours on more than one wall it creates a consistency of colour repetition instead of another unnecessary focal point.

In the bathroom, the feel I endeavoured to achieve was a "spa-like" space of peace, tranquility and luxury. I also wanted to make the small space seem more open and airy without changing the layout of the existing fixtures. The key inspirations were the cream polished marble I used in various sizes that would stand the test of time, crystal light fixture over the tub and ultra modern faucet and shower fixtures that I love. These changes help to transform the once traditional space into one that is more contemporary.


Bathroom Shower Update   Bathroom Update 2

To make the bathroom more spacious there were key essentials I incorporated without redesigning the entire room. First, half the shower wall was removed and seamless glass walls and doors were installed letting in more light. Then, extra lighting was added with pot lights over the new vanity and the aforementioned tub fixture. Next, the same marble was used throughout the shower walls, floor, around the tub, and vanity top for a uniformity that makes the space less segmented, therefore a more open, fluid appearance. By painting the walls and ceiling a soft creamy colour that transitioned well with the marble, it added to the seamless flow within the space. I continued the cork flooring from the master bedroom to the en suite to encourage a seamlessness transition between spaces. Lastly, the existing large mirror was re-purposed by adding a custom frame that complimented the vanity wood tones. The reflective surface of the large mirror creates the impression of an enlarged area.

In any space punches of colour and interest can be added with accessories. Every room needs a little sparkle or glamour to catch the light and in turn your eye. In the bedroom it was the crystal base of the lamps, finials on the drapery hardware and in the bathroom it is the coloured glass vase and light fixture. I now adore the natural and tranquil feel of my bedroom, and the escape to the spa that my bathroom provides . The key was letting what I love be my inspiration, if you don't love it live without it.



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