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Tip #6 – Rearrange your furniture in various ways and keep it for a week to adjust and see if you like the change. Use angles with your sofas and chairs, take away an end table, coffee table and bulky lamps for a lighter look. Add a tall bookcase for storage; replace a coffee table with an ottoman etc. Try something different and you may love it as we can get stuck in a rut.

Tip #7- Add a few black or white accessories with a bold colour to give any room an instant lift for the season and new look for less. This includes pictures, clocks, lampshades, drapery panels, cushions etc

Tip #8 - Remember less is more. Put away collections or rotate half of your items in spring/summer and fall/winter. Edit and reduce items in cabinets and bookcases for a more open spacious look. Rearrange and display items in a new way using various heights and groups of three's.

Tips #9 - Use decor items you have in a new way and in a different room for a fresh take on its look and purpose. Shop within your home first and move pictures, organize and display accessories in an unexpected way.

Tip #10 -– Lighting can be easily updated without breaking the bank. Add new lamps that visually take up less space with a spring colour introduced into the lampshade as the accent colour of the room. Add lighting to your artwork or dark corners with pot lights and install a dimmer.





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