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1 - Plan to Inspire, Beautify and Organize

2 – Plan out the furniture first with the bed up against a main wall, then at least a 6 drawer dresser and desk for school needs

3 – Use your child’s favourite colours, have them choose it and bedding they love then build the room around the fabric and colours

4 - Install a custom closet system to maximize storage in all areas of the existing closet doubling your hanging space

5 – Paint 2 walls one colour and the other 2 walls the accent colour found in the bedding

6 – Install a cordless, blackout blind or shade with drapery panels to blend out the window into the wall colour. This will take the focus off of the window area

7 – Add storage in various ways that is easy to use but still look pretty and use up the upper wall space of the room.  In this room the added 3 chest of drawers incorporated into the loft bed, narrow wall bookcase around the stage with storage baskets, a foldable cube that doubles  as  a seat, jewellery boxes.

8 – Build in the theme of what your child wants to be ( a singer above), or loves to do (play music)  or what they enjoy (the peace sign and hot pink  and purple) This can be done with accessories such as the cushions, decals on the walls, decor items, cork board, pictures

9 – Add comfort in the space with the best mattress for comfort, a duvet  and area rug for added warmth

10 – Add at least 3 pieces of lighting that works with the room or add interest and personality with the use of colours or materials used





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