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Blue remains strong

in dark tones and serene in tones of aqua and teal

Orange and Fushia emerges as a top trend colour with a burst of energy and punch

Yellow adds warmth and happiness in shades of golden camel

Green represents stability in fresh forest tones and drama with lime green

Gray maintains dominance with clean & calming approach

Purple continues to add drama and luxury to any palette


Inside & Out Living


Indoor and outdoor living is inspired by chic animal skins, cool geometric patterns, vibrant stripes and solids. This palette features brights  in canary yellow, fushia, sunburst orange, apple green and turquoise blues paired with neutrals.   It combines durability, low maintenance, style and comfortable living spaces with personality

 Art Deco Influence


Graphic patterns come alive in vividly contrasting colour combinations or look elegantly subdued in chic neutrals Vintage Blooms. Beautiful blooms is vintage inspired that combines modern colour with tradition floral patterns creating a fresh and feminine look with an updated shabby-chic feel.

Modern Global Style

Inspired by current ethnic trends these patterns are culture and history based while rich in texture, colour and blends old world looks into a modern statement from all around the world

References and photos to Maxwell Fabrics 

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