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In this backyard, a list of needs and wants was established to set the plans in motion. The needs were comfort, low maintenance & durability, maximized storage, a dining area with bbq, shade from the sun, and improved privacy. The wants included use of natural elements of stone, water, and fire, creating a serene oasis through colours & textures, plants & trees, and a space that is inviting both in the day and at night.


Design & layout

This 34' x 34' space was divided into 4 areas; water feature, pergola lounge, deck, and dining/bbq. Having these definitive spaces laid out on a rendered drawing that is to scale makes it much easier to allocate space. From this plan you can then look at adding unique touches and personality to each area in various ways.

Going with the flow



The sound of water gently babbling creates an instant sensationof serenity and you gravitate towards it. The "pondless" waterfall was a great option as it can be customized to adapt to any space, is low maintenance and looks so natural, as though it had always been there. Steve Handley of Westney Landscaping says, "An appropriate water feature is essential in creating a garden oasis." This is true, as it is a focal point no matter which area of the garden you are in. Large evergreens were planted as the waterfall backdrop which helps define the space and provide privacy.






A Cozy Getaway

The seating is ultra comfy Leisure Design sectional made from durable high density polyethylene and aluminum frames. You don’t have to compromise style or comfort when purchasing quality furniture that can handle exposure to any elements.


Design, Styling and Layout:  Jackie Morra Interiors Toronto

Pondless waterfall by Westney Landsscaping,  Outdoor Lounge chairs by Leisure Design

Deck and pergola by Amazing Decks,  Umbrella by Treasure Garden,  Patio stone by Permacon

Awning by  Aristocrat Shade Products,  Accessories byPacific Rim Brackets,  Lighting by Outdoor Lights,  Napoleon BBQ by Classic Fireplace 


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