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I am a firm believer that our environment we live in has a dramatic effect on our attitude and well-being. Just as a beautiful spring day with that freshness in the air and the sounds of nature awakening can give a sense of inner peace so can the changes we bring into our homes. We can begin to create the transformations in our spaces that we aspire to in our own lives. The common rite of spring when it comes to our homes is the overwhelming task of cleaning. However, this could be less daunting of an undertaking if we looked at it as change that can have a wonderful end result on our mind, body and spirit. For example, reorganizing and de-cluttering has so many benefits like finding things that have been once thought long lost, giving yourself the peace of mind of a mental inventory of what you have, but also taking stock of why you have it. Determine whether you really need those things you have; don’t just re-organize them to give them a proper place let them go completely if they don’t have a proper purpose. We have to get to the place spiritually we feel equally satisfied and fulfilled getting rid of some we don’t need as we do bringing something new and wonderful into our home. 



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