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My husband and I have very different decor styles is a common question I get 90% of the time. He's more "man cave" and I'm more sophisticated. How can we combine the two styles?

Embrace what you both love in themes, items and colours and find common ground so each person has a voice of décor that can be seen and heard. Differences should be embraced and welcomed in home décor in a positive way that inspires each person living there. " I believe people do well in rooms that reflect who they are and even better in rooms that reflect who they wish to become". If you can't meet halfway each person should chose a room that they can create a vision for or collectively work on a family room where everyone can participate in a unique way based on lifestyle, needs and tone of the room.


What's the favorite room in your home? Why? 

My outdoor backyard oasis is my favorite part of the home because it takes me away to another space and time. I feel peaceful, full of grace, gratitute and connected to spirt and nature.  Having a pondless waterfall is the focal point and activates the senses with sound and visuals of birds.

Backyard Patio Area Umbrella Web

What time of year is the best to redesign the look and feel of your home? Why?

Spring is the best time as it is about refreshing and renewal and updating or change for most. Take your time to focus on what you love and what you connect to rather than what you see in the moment. 


How do you tastefully design a young girl or boy's room so that it can be grown into, and not changed every year?

Explore what they love and how the colors make them feel by creating a limitless vision board filled with décor pictures and swatches etc. This will provide clarity on the direction they best like and zero in on what they truly love. "If you don't love it -- live without it" is a key décor mantra I suggest before you purchase any item. Kids need functional spaces with storage but more importantly inspiration ones to help them grow into finding their passion and purpose. Paint is the biggest impact for the least amount of money and can change the tone and feel of the room as the grow . Investing is quality furniture that will last and evolve with them is key from a budget perspective while linens, accessories and paint can be changed to keep the space fresh.


What color or design trends are you seeing for the coming year ?

Connection with nature and the outdoors continues to be strong and heading into 2015 we see beach inspired decor in a big way. The feeling of being near the ocean with all shades of blue for the water and sky, the whites of the sand and stone and motifs such as starfish, seashells and flooring that is textured and light such as the Mirage Flooring below.

Beach Nature Inspired Decor

What is your favorite colour of paint or hue and why?

I love the bone whites as one of my favorite go to neutrals that is a fresh creamy warm tone. It works well in any space to creating a spa like, relaxed feeling. It is visually quieting and help contribute to the calming effect of a spa most people want to recreate at home.


I have a small powder room on the first floor. What can I do to make a statement in such a small space?

Use murals or wallpaper on one or 2 walls, use words, quotes or sayings you love, decorate with accessories that capture who you are or your story as guest will see this and make the connections or learn more about you.


In an open floor plan layout where the kitchen and living room are one, I want to use two different colors to add division between the spaces. How can I do that seamlessly so the two spaces still flow together?

Using paint to create a striped pattern in various sizes either vertical or horizontal can give you multiple colours
that pull the space together but offer variety and coordination. Using different sheens of paint is also an
wonderful subtle way of adding texture and dimension when the light reflects each one in a unique way. Using
2 or 3 colours can be effective for a flexible palate that allows change with accents.


What is your number one design tip or secret?

Choose your accent colour in a room and repeat the colour 3 times in the space at various levels. The upper
third of the room can feature the colour with paint on the walls, artwork or drapery. In the middle of the
room the colour can be furniture or an accessory such as lighting. The bottom third of the space can feature an
area rug to pull it all together. 


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