Hot Tub Covers Options for your Outdoor Oasis

HST QUAD Fold Cover

It’s that time of year again, where we move outdoors and enjoy the warmer weather. I love spending time in my backyard oasis, lounging in my hammock, listening to the birds, gardening, and relaxing in the hot tub. We use our hot tub all year round, even more so in the summer months. This year I had to replace my hot tub cover and thought I would share a few tips I learned in the process of choosing a replacement.

In my research, I found some key criteria in making the right choice in a hot tub cover including foam density, the quality of the fabric, proper fit and ease of use. The foam density has a direct correlation to the covers R-value, so the denser it is the less energy it costs to keep it warm. The fabric must be of a high quality to prevent fading from the elements and deterioration from the heated chemicals of the spa water. Lastly fit and ease of use are essential, as a proper fit ensures less heat loss and the simple removal and storage of the cover makes hot tub use more convenient to open, especially if I’m using it myself in the colder months and want to get back inside as quickly as possible.


HST Hot Tub Cover LR

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Organizing Pictures Over A Sofa Wall

 We all have great family photos we would like to display in a unique way but not sure how much and where to start. By using the same type or color of frames you can create a gallery effect wall using family pictures over your entire sofa back wall area or on an open wall such as up the stairways and in hallways.  Just make sure the pictures you place in the frames are all the same colour, etc Black and white or colour as matching them keeps it uniformed and keeps the flow of the entire space.  Use other decor objects such as a clock or shelf as shown in this photo to break up the use of all frames on the wall but keep the items in a similar tone and style of the overall look you want to create.


Pictures on Wall Design


Exterior Finishes Design Tips

Does your home have curb appeal? It's a great time in the spring and fall to review and freshen up the exterior of your home and add curb appeal. It can be a daunting task to take on the largest outdoor décor canvas we have as all our options seem large and you may not know where to start. Here are some helpful tips on exterior decorating that can guide you through some of the common issues most have when looking to revive the outward appearance of your home.


Front Door Finishes ww  

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Outdoor Garden Accessories

Get Out and Accessorize!

We all know how finding that right accessory can make that perfect outfit of provide a great focal point in an interior space. Accessorizing isn't limited to wardrobes and spaces within your home though; this premise also holds true for your outdoor living area. In the summer months, we spend much more time outside, entertaining, or just relaxing. The proper accessories can make our yards more inviting and a reflection of our personality.


how to plant summer outdoor containers

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Florida Vacation Homes - Contempo

Contempo Vacation Homes – The best way to stay in Florida

Contempo Vacation Home

I was very impressed with my last stay in Florida with Contempo Vacation Homes, an amazing concept that I was unaware of or even considered until recently. I was in my own luxury home, with an enclosed, private, heated pool, nestled in a superb, gated, golf club community. What made it perfect is that it cost less than an average hotel!

I had the privilege of staying at the Providence Golf and Country Club community, on Victoria Woods, one of Contempo's over 800 properties in various vacation villages throughout Florida. It is located in Davenport, located conveniently just 20 minutes southwest of Orlando attractions. This hidden gem is a stunning property with access to the golf course, dining at the country club and use of their modern facilities that include 2 pools, water slides, gym, playground and tennis courts.

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