Whenever I venture out on a vacation, I am very cognisant of my surroundings and how I feel in them. I look forward feeling relaxed, transported to a different place but still maintaining the comforts of home. I love to have choice of activities based on how I feel at any given time; whether lounging lakeside, enjoying the serenity of the spa or getting a sweat on with a nature hike or workout (usually not the latter). That is what I love about JW Marriott the Rosseau Muskoka, from the moment you enter the newly renovated lobby and dining areas you are given a multitude of wonderful options to pique your senses and feel whisked away to a place with a tactile connection to the inherent beauty that is Muskoka.

JW Marriott Muskoka Bar LR

I love the design changes since visiting last summer, as you can see in the before picture, the lobby was a vibrant red. The focus was on the use of vivid colours with classic, traditional furnishings. Now, with the help of design firm MackayWong, the décor is a stunning reflection of the locale and works with the inspiration of the region’s splendour. It has a unique atmosphere with the prominent use of natural materials with a very contemporary vibe.

JW Marriott Muskoka Lobby Area

 The Lobby is eye-catching from floor to ceiling with a curvy, chicane shaped, double-sided seating area made of solid wood. It is nestled on an unstructured, large rug that has a stone geode themed look to it. Both are set beneath a gorgeous light fixture depicting a central beehive with lit, random bees swarming around, creating an illuminated work of art. Adjacent to the space is the front desk with a clever nautical rope wall adorned with colourfully decorated boat paddles. I really appreciated the use of woods, fibres and themed furnishings that draw artistic inspiration from nature.

JW Marriott Front Desk Before 


The bar and lounge areas have continued the contemporary theme with finishing touches that make it distinctively Rosseau including light fixtures inset with regional maps, natural stones with the resort’s longitude and latitude engraved and the reclaimed wood tables with stunning cobalt blue geode inlay. The floors transition perfectly from a natural, hand scrapped, dark hardwood to carpeting subtly inspired by the colours and textures of water and wood. The paint colours are an ideally understated to bring the beauty of the décor to the forefront.

 JW Marriott Bar Before LR


The JW Marriott has created the seamless balance of contemporary style with a raw, natural charm that is not only beautiful, it is memorable. It captures inspiration from its surroundings and what makes Muskoka unique for those seeking lakeside recreation and relaxation, a true reflection of this enchanting resort.


 JW Marriott The Rosseau Dining Area LR


 Muskoka Room After LR


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