I chose a hot tub cover from HST Synthetics because they exceed all the standards for my needs in a hot tub cover. All HST covers are Canadian-made so they manufacture them with our country’s winters in mind. They use a marine grade vinyl that is cold crack resistant to -30 degrees Celsius, mold & mildew resistant and UV treated, so you know it will withstand harsh weather conditions. We also upgraded to a reflective interior lining that helps keep the water hot and protect the cover from heat and chemical damage.


HST Synthetics uses only high density foam that exceeds all standards giving it a great R-value and saves me in heating costs. I told them about wanting to be able easily remove the cover by myself and the recommended the Ultra Lift system. It makes lifting so simple, as it folds and neatly tucks away the hot tub cover; I can’t believe I went so long without one. They were definitely helpful and with over 40 years experience manufacturing hot tub covers I knew I could expect a top quality cover from HST.




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